Hey There.

Hello. I have have high-functioning autism. And, I am female. Go figure, right? This means that a lot of what we know about mild autism doesn’t apply to me, since most of it is about males.  And, I know it is obvious, but men and women are different. This is changing, though. Not the differences between men and women; just the broadening knowledge about female autism. Yay!

I have often felt like a mermaid who was stuck on land. Out of my element. I have (and have had since I was a tiny child) a bit of an obsession with Daryl Hannah’s character in the movie “Splash.”

I live in a remote old farmhouse with my husband and kids. We are surrounded by other living things – our animals, wildlife, plants, trees, mushrooms, and other interesting forms of life. My oldest son has autism. He’s an absolute joy. He was diagnosed in 2005, when he was 3. I immersed myself in learning, books, researching, and the like. I became somewhat of an “expert” on the information I could access.

That’s part of why I had such a struggle the past few months, dealing with the realization that, yes, I had autism as well. I didn’t feel like I fit. I still struggle with wrapping my mind around it.

I act/react in unusual ways sometimes. I interact with the world around me in ways that can be misunderstood. Act, react, interact. Detract, distract… 

My husband thinks that writing this will help me sort out my thoughts, and see my -ACTions in a more positive light. I’m not too sure about the positive part, but I am always game for some thought-sorting. I can hear the machines shaking and sorting now! Just like a bank, sorting checks.

In general, I love my life. I am happy, overall. I’m lucky that way.

Oh, and I like lots of things. Such as, but not limited to, and changing so often it’ll make your head spin: rabbits, old school Nintendo games, cashmere socks, anything DIY, cooking, crafting, gardening, writing, soft old worn jeans, laughing, reading, potatoes, cheese, crunchy ice, old bathtubs, sewing, mushrooms, sunrises, honeybees, someone else washing my dishes, learning, science experiments, chickens, cats, all things homemade, and good chocolate. And chai tea when I wake up. Lots more, but I am sleepy and I would also like to go to bed soon. Under my family quilts – I like those too.


I have no idea what is going to happen.

1/17/14 more likes: Rick Springfield, vintage sewing patterns, playing piano, tightly made beds that are soft and pretty, butter, buttery – the word, organic food, gardening, seed starting! Seed saving! Growing my own seeds! Being independent food-wise, doing it all myself, lots of chocolate, lists! The Cosby Show and The Wonder Years, dragonflies, numbers, anyone’s budget except my own.


4 thoughts on “Hey There.

  1. “This means that a lot of what we know about mild autism doesn’t apply to me, since most of it is about males.”

    SO TRUE. We Aspergirls should do it ourselves in conjunction with our Neurotypical counterparts. 🙂

    • Yes! When I first started looking into it, so much of what I found didn’t apply to me AT ALL. It took me a while to even mentally process it, because I was only familiar with the more male-specific behaviors. I’d read entire BOOKS that didn’t apply to me at all.
      Thanks so very much for commenting!

  2. Keep writing. It really DOES help. Aspergers is a GIFT. Everything you’ve ever known about yourself, deeply and truly, that you recognised as different to others – and PREFERRED – and secretly loved and would never change because it made you who you are (and because who you are is awesome) – all of that is part of this. The challenges exist, but they’re merely the price of the brilliant way the world looks to someone like you. And the world needs your vision of it.

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