..And You Call Me Crazy?

I love this. Muchly.


I have Asperger’s. You call me crazy

I truly care about the things, can’t fake or be phoney. Yet, you call Me crazy.

I value love, compassion and friendship; all the things you take for granted. But you call Me crazy.

You buy stuff you don’t need and are always in debt. I don’t and am not, yet, you call Me crazy.

You lie, cheat and deceive to get ahead. I am just happy to be here. And you call Me crazy.

You are greedy without caring for the consequences. I give and perhaps too much so you call Me crazy.

What’s ‘normal’?





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4 thoughts on “..And You Call Me Crazy?

  1. It really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

    By the way, I noticed that you followed my blog five times. I’m guessing you really wanted me to see yours, and I’m glad I did.

    I have some more posts written up and scheduled to be published in the coming days. Since I tend to edit what I say several times after I think I’m done, I’m scheduling every post to ensure that everyone sees the final version when it’s available. Do you do the same thing?

    • Oh, oops! Sorry. I have probably done that to multiple bloggers…when I click follow on my devices, it doesn’t always show follow, so I kept clicking til it did. I probably spammed lots of people 😦

      I try to write in advance, but often I just jot down some thoughts and publish. I have two drafts right now, that I may or May not ever finish.

      Thanks for visiting! Sorry about the excessive following!

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