Reasons I shouldn’t do housework

Reasons that I should not do housework today:

1) I know where everything is.
2) I may not like dust, but I’m comfortable with it not changing. It seems happy. Why disturb?
3) the vacuum is too loud.
4) the broom is too quiet.
5) I am sensitive to cleaning chemicals.
6) elbow grease is, well, a pretty yucky mental image for me.
7) once I start cleaning, I notice how much other stuff needs done.
8) I get distracted by the other stuff.
9) I get so distracted, I get overwhelmed.
10) I must stop and formulate a plan. Refocus.
11) plans are fun. Except cleaning plans. They’re not fun.
12) laundry makes me sneeze.
13) because I made this list.

Okay okay. I did my housework today anyways. I’m just pretending. Truthfully, I function best in a clean organized environment. I really drag my heels to get there, though. But it’s done. It’s done. My old farmhouse is pristine. If only it would stay like this…


2 thoughts on “Reasons I shouldn’t do housework

  1. I could think of 1000 things to do while I should be cleaning too! Very easily distracted πŸ™‚
    I think those are all very valid reasons not to clean !

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